Regular connection with a movement practice that helps encourage your body to be stronger, leaner, and more flexible is vital to minimize injuries and accelerate healing in my opinion.

Although I am a yoga instructor and I spend a lot of time on a mat, my broader passion for movement and working with physical limitations allow me to support you in a variety of contexts.

Beyond all of the benefits movement has on the physical body there are a ton of mental benefits as well. This is part of the reason that the framework for yoga resonates so well for me personally. Certainly there is the physical practice, asana, but when you study the 8 limbs of yoga you quickly learn that the physical practice is to prepare the body for meditation and reflection.

Mindfulness, or that connection with yourself, is something that eludes so many of us. One of my dear friends, Kelly, often says “first we work, then we rest”. For me, the rest is typically more of a reflection.

Currently, I am teaching group classes virtually and at the Windhorse Yoga studio in Tellico Plains. You can view the full schedule and where I’ll be teaching by clicking the button below!

What is Bend and Burn?

Bend and Burn is something I developed in the Summer of 2020. I fuse together yoga fundamentals with other physical movements so that we can have some fun along the way while we sweat together. These sessions focus on building long, flexible, strong muscles while burning some calories. Dynamic movements fused together with static holds will help you build strength, endurance, and flexibility. In addition to feeling strong, you will also leave this hour session with exposure to some of the fundamental yoga asanas and an awareness of your breath. Move, bend, burn, and explore the relationship between your body and mind.

Not into groups?

I also teach private sessions, can help develop a personal plan for you, support you as an accountability partner. I am extremely flexible in the way I work so if you aren’t sure how to get started or have questions, let’s connect.