I am thrilled to offer three different types of eggs from the farm: Chicken, Guineafowl, and Quail. Each has unique benefits, and I enjoy a mix of them to support my nutrition and health goals personally. Here’s how I think about each of these different eggs.

Chicken Eggs – The Foundation

They are highly nutritious and are a source of complete and highly digestible protein. They contain vital nutrients, including choline, contributing to heart health and brain development. Their nutritional contribution makes them useful for maintaining a healthy weight and optimizing body composition through improved muscle health and increased satiety, contributing to weight loss. Some additional benefits include protection against infection, decreases in blood pressure, and anti-cancer effects.

Guineafowl Eggs – Lean Protein Bombs

Low-calorie/fat-dense protein! Each egg packs about 15g of protein in only 45 calories. The guineafowl are my farm pest/bug/tick patrol in the fruit and vegetable zones. They do a great job getting rid of the bugs so I can grow nutrient-dense food naturally.

Quail Eggs – Healing Power

I added this newest addition to the egg offering after learning more about some of quail eggs’ amazing healing powers and health benefits. They have been shown to boost your immune system, enhance brain activity and nervous system regulation, improve respiratory function, help clear arterial hypertension (blood pressure support), slow the aging of organs and improve organ function, improve sexual potency and prostate health, improve vision, lower blood sugar, boost red blood cell production which can help fight anemia, decrease arthritis, cancer, and cardiac events, and balance cholesterol. Quail eggs are also known not to cause allergic reactions to people sensitive to eggs.

Wow, what a list! As always, I encourage you to do your own research, and I welcome you to try our variety of eggs and see how they make you feel. All laying females on the farm are offered Project Non-GMO verified feed and can feast on nature as they desire.

Combo Packs and Egg Subscriptions are coming soon! If you are interested in a weekly or every-other-week supply of eggs from the farm, let me know.